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Fatima's glory
Open the plastic door
Entrées récentes 
1er-nov-2009 02:24 pm - Selling visual kei goods
hee chul

As some people I need money.
Products are from japan!

I ship from Belgium to worldwide.
I accept only paypal method for payment.
Nor the shipping or paypal fee aren't included in the price.

Here = CD + DVD + MAGRéduire )
4e-oct-2007 07:08 pm - Hakuei's movies
I finished to upload the 2 movies of Hakuei WHITOUT subs

HereRéduire )
To join the files :: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SMOE14A9 (xtremsplit)
If you have any problems, say me.
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